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Kip, a desperately exciteable individual, grew up in the United States with the intention of one day becoming a graphic artist. Those dreams were fueled in later years by Heather Locklear's character, Amanda, in Melrose Place. That was it! She would work for an advertising firm, be successful, and get to badger the lesser folk into hating both themselves and her as a result of harsh criticism. Awesome.

Alas, Melrose Place finished for good and, without the wisdom of Aaron Spelling to guide her, Kip decided it might be a good idea to become an English teacher. But a couple of years of being an English Education major in university soon opened Kip's eyes, and she realized that her education in English consisted wholly of being talked down to by professors who thought the sun shined out of their polyester-panted bottoms. It was like Melrose Place Amandas infiltrating her life, and it totally wasn't as cool as it looked on TV.

Kip changed her major to Psychology, for a vague and poor reason, and moved to London to finish her degree in that subject. She graduated in 2001 with an honors degree in Psychology and, after getting married and spending a month in Southeast Asia, got a job working as a support worker for developmentally disabled young adults with epilepsy. While rewarding, she found the whole job thing to really get in the way of her life, so quit after less than a year and high-tailed it across Russia, through Mongolia and China, and back into Southeast Asia for 6 weeks.

Then Kip suddenly remembered that regardless of what she was doing with her life, Photoshop had been open on her PC since she was in her mid-teens. She remembered that whole idea to become a graphic designer, and she decided she'd give it a go on her own. And that's when KippyGo Designs was born. More random projects landed on her lap and, before long, Kip was officially a self-employed graphic something-or-other. Woohoo!

Getting back into art and design sparked an interest in patterns and illustration, a newfound obsession which later gave birth to KippyGo's second shop, KippyGo Contempo.

The best part? Kip loves her job beyond words. From teacher-wannabe, to geeky academic, to stuff-maker in ten years, she's doing what she should have been doing all along.

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